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martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Prison Break the game!!!!

Try it , I think it's very cool game . It's very easy just help Scofield to get out... (if you can)

Just click Here....

Unit 4: Pros and Cons

Fast Food? Be Careful What You Eat!

Fast food is convenient when in a rush, but it is a bad idea to eat it too much or too often. Recently, McDonald’s featured a two dollar deal: Big Mac and small fries. Very tempting, and my son (who doesn’t normally eat at McDonald’s) bought this meal last week. What is the nutritional content of a Big Mac and fries? The hamburger contains 570 calories; almost half (280 calories) come from fat. Ten grams is saturated, the most dangerous and harmful to our heart. The Canadian Food Guide recommends that we "choose lower-fat foods more often." My son also ate a small fries! Unfortunately, they contain 210 calories, with 10 more grams of fat (1.5 grams saturated). He bought a drink as well, which adds another 150 calories (small size). Imagine he eats this dinner more than once a week! A two dollar meal contains a lot of fat. So, although fast food is very convenient (and cheap) to buy, it includes lots of fat—I think I’ll go and eat an apple, instead!

Unit 1: Journalism

"Violence on the soccer ground"

Recently there has been several cases of violence on the soccer matches. In my opinion it shouldn’t exist, not only because this matches are televised but also in some countries is considered a family event, so it’s seen by spectators of different ages, mostly under ages, and this represents a bad example of behavior.
In General, the cause of the violence are the spectator although, in some cases tend to be between the players.
The most recent event happened in Italy, last February Second of this year, which a cop died trying to stop the disturbances cause by the aggressors, and these made that turned to the justice and report the suspension of all matches without notice to restore them.
To conclude, it would be good that everyone be aware of the consequences that this brings and find a solution to the problem.
Luis "Will I Am" xxxx

Unit 2: Advertising

My opinion of the video

My opinion on the video is good. I think that it is a little long but it transmits the idea of the love at first sight, seeing it honestly at the beginning was boring but I believe that it is worthwhile to see. What I didn't like of the video was the end which the one sacrifices his eyes so that she sees again another time and she see him and she doesn't tell him anything, and let him leave, I found that a low blow and I think that serious better end that she was brought near and hugged him and thanked him about what he did (clear in a sentimental way) and that they finished together.

Pepsi Football Comercial:
I enjoy watching the pepsi soccer commercial in Which appears Ronaldihno , Beckham , Roberto Carlos , and others , showing how people enjoy both playing and drinking soda.
The message involves health body conditions, Skills , friendship among other things ,the commercials video convinces people by thinking that everybody can do it (play) at the same time refreshing them selves.
I absolutely agree in forbidding tobacco and alcohol commercials on TV because they are related to criminal acts, murders, etc. In our country these commercials were eliminated under Herrera Campins presidency in the early 80’s.
An advertisement may convince me to buy something when I really need some product at the right time, place and moment. Whether the product is for consuming or for eating, for wearing or showing to others. Suppose I’m angry and see a cheese burger shown on the side of the street, you’ve got to stop at the next junky food place and yummy.-

Unit 0: Introduction

My name is Luis xxxx but everyone can call me Barsa (As the soccer team). I'm 21 years old, I'm studying computer engineering. I live in Maracaibo, in XXXXXXX . I love listening to music, playing soccer, surf the net, watch TV, eating pizza, chocolate, and playing my guitar and other instruments. I also like to chat on the internet.
I hate getting up early, violence, reggae ton, and deppresive vallenato. My dream is to graduate from engineering and travel to Spain and maybe Italy.And about English I think It's very important tool for me to comunicate with other people around the world.

(About two new friends)
1. - His name is Rafael Diaz, he likes listening to music, especially Ska, reading, and having a good time. He doesn't like reggae ton, vallenato, and copycats. His dream is to create a network company and be a good professional on his branch.

2.-Her name is Karina Cardozo; she likes dancing, surfing the net, and go to the movies. She doesn't like people fighting, and screaming.
About her dreams, she wants to graduate, and been a successful engineer, and travel.-



martes, 10 de abril de 2007

Unit 3: Finding a Job

Cover Letter:

Luis .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
Av. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-..-.-. 5c
Maracaibo, Venezuela 4002 (0261) XXXXXXX / (0416) XXXXXXX
March, 4 2007
Roger Evans
Microsoft, Inc
14896 Central AveCarson, CA 94647Dear Mr. Evans,

I am responding to your advertisement on, regarding the Programmer Analyst position. Please find enclosed my resume showing my education, professional experience and background.
This position will allow me to use my five years experience in the programmer area. I am a very patience person, a good team worker, open to listen to new ideas, and have exceptional problem solving abilities.
I would welcome the opportunity to participate in a personal interview to answer any of your questions and better present my qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Luis xxxx xxxxx.
Opinion about finding a job
Looking for a computer engineering job stressful and really hard too . When you are computer engineer and you're looking for a
job you have to be interested about learning new things every single
day, because this is a career which works with a lot of different areas
and you must design ads for products in different markets. Furthermore you have to be a flexible and easy going person to adapt
yourself to different schedules. Besides a computer engineer have to be working a lot of hours with a computer and know everything about programation language. It's not easy to find a job if you are a computer engineer, you should be smart and work really hard to get the position that you deserve.

Unit 5 : Write a poem

Persona Poem

"The light of my life"

Happy , beautiful , intelligent , sexy , friend of everyone.
Who loves music , shopping and movies.
Who is afraid of heights , snakes and yelling.
Who wants to see worldpeace , president Bush out , summer resident of this moment.
.... Alba.

Cinquain poem


Very light
Shining, hot, gas
Object of deep mystery

The Mgs4 Demostration for gamers on ps3 only....